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Risto milk vending machine model R

What features does the Risto milk vending machine have?
The milk vending machine combines cooling, a milk container, a stirrer, and the filling area in one compact standalone device. It can be set up in a building or in a protected outside area.

Simple operation model R
Every inserted coin is converted into credits for milk, and shown on the display. The filling quantity can be determined freely between 0.1 litres and 50 litres.
The filling process can be interrupted at will and started back up again (no binding delivery quantity).
A button needs to be kept pushed to fill the containers - no manipulations are possible!
The display gives the customers instructions for operation.
If they require no more milk, change (if applicable) is paid after pushing the coin return button.
In the accumulator-supported version the Risto milk vending machine corresponds to the EU guidelines for measurement instruments, and is certified and calibrated.

If the power supply is interrupted, the current filling process is stopped.
Payment system Pays the change.

Possible versions by request with surcharge:
Bill Validator
Signal in case of excessive inside temperature or milk temperature.
Signal container empty.
Signal power interruption (only with accumulator).

Accumulator support

A thermostat-controlled heater protects the milk vending machine on frost-prone locations.

The following languages can be used:

German, English, Romanian, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Slovenian, Spanish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, Turkish.

Further languages by request.

Catalog prices for milk vending machines / Milk dispensers
Milk vending machine R-K-1 (for 1 Bucket) with payment system and Accumulator supporton demand
Milk vending machine R-K-1 (for 2 Bucket max. 50 litres) with payment system and Accumulator supporton demand
Milk vending machine R-G-2 (for 2 Bucket) with payment systemand Accumulator supporton demand
Bill Validator
GSM (for various SMS messages like power outage)-
GSM additional signal e.g. 40 litres remaining milk (adjustable)-
Thermostat controlled heating for outside use-
Milk-temperature monitoring system-
Laufrollen im Milchautomaten (fürs einschieben der Milchbehälter)-
MID Zertifikat-
50 litre Stainless steel canon demand
100 litre Stainless steel canon demand
150 litre Stainless steel canon demand
200 litre Stainless steel canon demand

All prices for sales in Germany plus VAT.

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